The effectiveness of a SEO campaign is measurable in different ways. This is one of the many ways that makes the industry simultaneously unique and confusing to most people outside the business. Most businesses think that when they partner with an agency, they need to rank with general keywords, when in reality, they can begin locally.

The Little Things Matter

The true beauty of Search Engine Optimization isn’t how it can help elevate the status of a business through digital exposure, but in the number of ways they can achieve it. Local search is a good option to get a campaign off the ground, especially when it becomes apparent that a company is running into a few challenges.

Local search should be an integral part of any initial SEO campaign, as there are several advantages that small to medium businesses can benefit from the get-go. The first – and most important – of these advantages is that businesses will be able to see the fruits of their efforts as soon as possible. This is especially true for B2B companies with multiple locations.

When a business makes changes, such as switching phone numbers, moving to new locations, or rebranding itself, which happens often, it almost never updates the information on the website. Keeping the information on a website as accurate as possible is one of those little things that can pay dividends down the road. For example, if a business expands to new locations, simply adding the new listings to local citation sites can help a website get hundreds of new backlinks that contribute an organic boost.

Google Magnifies Local

It also helps that Google is making local search one of its biggest priorities in recent years. Updates like Pigeon help local businesses with the intent of ranking locally get a leg-up over companies listed as national. This isn’t bias… Google’s logic realizes that if a user is looking for a service, they’re probably searching for providers that are the closest to them.

Internet marketing is at its most effective when it’s able to reach its intended audience, and nothing’s more direct than local search. Always have local search as an option to establish and strengthen a base in a new location if the national market is proving hostile.

Share with us how your business has noticed huge rewards by being found in the local SERP’s.

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