Is your Website costing you money? The simple answer to this question is yes. However, we all know that you are paying money to have your website hosted, designed and maintained. That is a given for every business on the planet. However, there are other questions to ask when looking at whether or not the website is actually meeting the goals that you had when you started it in the first place.

While every business has to have a website, every website does different things. This means that it’s wise to consider what the site is supposed to be doing before deciding whether or not the website is actually costing you money or not. Ask yourself every question below to see where your website stands.

1. Is The Website Supposed To Be Selling Anything?

When you open your website, you may not always want to sell things online. Many times, the website is designed to provide information and drive people to a brick and mortar store. There is nothing wrong with this idea at all, but you should ask yourself if you can sell your products or services on the website effectively. If you can, then your website is costing you money that you are not making back in sales. Consider opening up a web store today to help to recover your investment in the site. If you are a service provider the goal should be a website conversion such as a phone call or a new potential client signing up for a newsletter.

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2. Is The Website Actually Getting People To Your Store?

The only way to know if the website is driving traffic to a real store is to ask customers how they got there. There is no harm in asking customers to fill out a simple comment card that allows them to state how they got there. This is a simple form of tracking that will show whether or not the website is actually leading people to the store or not.

3. Are People Staying On My Site?

If your site is designed to put out information, readers need to stay on the site for long periods of time in order to make your website worth hosting. If people are not on the website more than a minute, there is no way that they are going to click on anything and help you to monetize your site. Using tracking software of some kind is the only way to ensure that people are looking at everything on the website rather than simply poking around and never clicking on anything that makes you money. The longer that you keep them engaged the more likely they will see value in your website and service and / or product.

4. Finally, Is The Website Evolving?

When you open your website, it is has to evolve to meet the needs of the people who are using it on a daily basis. If it is not evolving, people are going to get tired of it. Over time, people will find something fresher and newer to read or shop with. This means that you not only have to pay to have your site hosted, but you must put time and energy into helping the site evolved. An evolution keeps people coming back to find out what is going on on the site.

When you are considering what your website is doing for you and whether or not it is costing you money or making you money. A website that makes money must be designed by professionals, updated regularly and use tracking software to find out what people are doing when they come to the site. With all of this information, a website owner can make decisions about how to use its space. Without the proper information, a website could be sucking the monthly budget of any business bone dry.

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